News | VOLT® Tree Strap Mounting Kit

VOLT® introduces new ratcheting-strap mounting kit for fast-and-secure fixture attachment to trees.

VOLT® produces three types of mounts - surface mounts (such as included with our older Top Dog downlights), tripod mounts (included with our Woodsman Series), and now, ratcheting straps included in a kit with an aluminum mounting plate. All three types can be used without harming the tree.

While the tripod mount is, in most cases, the preferred tree mount, some installers prefer tree mounting straps. Straps have the advantage of being installed without driving screws into the tree. They can also be loosened, shifted, or removed without tools.

Just as with all tree mounts, strap mounts require regular maintenance to ensure that the bark does not grow over the straps. With most tree types, this can be done once a year - a simple process of opening each of the two ratchets to loosen the straps. This is somewhat easier than using screwdrivers to back off mounting screws on typical surface or tripod mounts.

Regardless of the type of VOLT® tree mount you use, you can do an installation that securely mounts the light, and that does no harm to the tree.

Learn more about the VOLT® Tree Strap Mounting Kit.