Project: Homeowner Upgrade on a Wooded Property

Project: Homeowner Upgrade on a Wooded Property

A homeowner purchased a beautiful home set in a densely wooded property. It came with an older landscape lighting system that primarily used well lights with halogen lamps. These lights were hard to service and no longer produced nice lighting effects.

After researching solutions, the homeowner settled on VOLT® Spotlights with LED bulbs. She was able to remove the old well lights and replace them with the spotlights. The existing wiring and transformers still worked fine.

The result? A new system that provides beautiful and functional landscape lighting. The project went so well, that the homeowner plans on upgrading the lights around her backyard poolside.

Designed, installed, and photographed by the homeowner.

  • Project Location  The Woodlands, Texas
  • Designed By  Homeowner