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PR Web | Tampa, FL, October 24, 2016

VOLT® Lighting, the leading factory-direct manufacturer of professional-quality landscape lighting, has expanded its product development capabilities by purchasing a state-of-the-art device for its Innovation Lab.

A Goniospectrometer is a powerful instrument that enables VOLT® technicians to accurately measure the lighting properties of products under development. Unlike many of VOLT’s competitors, the company has the capabilities to measure Cumulative Light Output (Lumens), Peak Light Output (Peak Candelas), Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Color Rendering Index (CRI), Beam Angle, Power Consumption, Power Factor and Lighting Efficiency (Lumen/Watt). This data ensures that the performance of all new luminaires meet or exceed performance targets.

VOLT® CEO and Founder Alan Brynjolfsson said, “Product innovation, performance and quality are at the core of our efforts. Having a robust in-house Innovation Lab continues our quest for efficiency through full vertical integration. More importantly, it enhances product quality by testing and evaluating earlier in the product development cycle.”

As one of the lighting industry’s most prolific product creators, VOLT® is engaged in a continuous process of research and new product development. Over the last year, the company engineered and produced over 100 new products – many of them exclusive innovations in the landscape lighting industry.

Michael Breedlove, VOLT’s Director of Innovation and Manufacturing, explains the importance of their Innovation Laboratory. “The primary sources of our development efforts are the ideas and feedback from our customers – most of them successful lighting designers and installers. These professionals are confronted by a number of challenges in their work. These include unusual applications, time saving needs, and improvements in existing products.

“Starting with these ideas, we take them to our lab and create prototypes. The prototypes undergo rigorous testing and evaluation. Only when we are 100 percent confident with the quality and effectiveness of the new product do we complete the engineering and go to production. With our skilled and experienced team, we move through the process rapidly and efficiently, bringing these products to market much more quickly than other manufacturers.”

VOLT® plans to continue expanding the capabilities of its Innovation Lab. In addition to VOLT’s Integrated Sphere (an instrument that measures total lumens and other photometric values), another piece of equipment was purchased – a state-of-the-art 3-D printer (replacing an older model). This facilitates the creation of product prototypes and further increase the efficiency of new product development.

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