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June 3, 2020 August 10th, 2020 No Comments


VOLT® Lighting announces the launch of a distinct first-of-its-kind low voltage path light. In addition to providing general area illumination, it projects an elegant pattern of light and shadow. While other lights also project patterns, the patent-pending ShadowMaster™ LED Path & Area Light is the first one configured as a stem-mounted path light.

While nearly all path lights in the market are small to medium sized, the ShadowMaster™ is grander in scale and presence – specifically designed for larger homes and properties. It is the first of VOLT’s new line of Estate Lights. The distinctive black filigree scrollwork, beaded shade, and crown finial are all elements that complement features found in the architecture and landscape of estate-type homes.

Jesse Harper, Product Development Manager, principal designer of the ShadowMaster™ describes the evolution of the product, “As a former tattoo artist, I envisioned (then sketched) elegant filigree scroll work that would dominate both the daytime appearance and the nighttime projected patterns. It wasn’t easy to translate my vision into a manufactured product, but through hard work (and some trial and error) we managed to accomplish that goal.”

Steve Parrott, Communications Director, describes the first time he saw the ShadowMaster™ in a finished lighting project, “Before visiting the site, I didn’t know whether or not I would like the effect. Then I entered the driveway – to my left and right, the path lights stood as stately pillars. Their projected light spilled onto the driveway and road – the patterns of light and shadow a sophisticated and tasteful welcome to the property.”

“As I continued up the drive, two more ShadowMasters stood. Moving closer to the estate house, I glanced up to see black wrought iron railings along the balconies. I looked at them then lowered my eyes to the path lights with their black filigree scrollwork and elegant projected patterns. It was at that moment that I understood how these ornate lights perfectly complement the estate.”

In addition to the aesthetic features of this new light, it also presents other benefits. The light source is a brass module with a single LED fixed under the shade. This LED lasts a lifetime and consumes only 1.5 watts – that’s less than $1.00 electrical cost per year.

Harper comments about the future of VOLT® product development, “We are extremely fortunate to have a company culture that encourages new ideas. And, that invests in resources such as 3-D printing, rapid prototyping, and photometric test equipment. This is the perfect way to turn ideas into products. I feel very lucky to work in such a forward-thinking company with talented and creative people, and with the resources to make it happen.”

VOLT® Lighting continues to develop its estate line of landscape lighting path lights. The company also aggressively develops other lighting products – many of them unique innovations. This relentless approach to product development is a major ingredient of the company’s success.

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VOLT® Lighting is the leading factory-direct manufacturer of landscape lighting products. With a vigorous product development program, the company continues to innovate, inspire, and support the outdoor lighting market. For more information, go to or call 813-978-3700.

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