How to Choose Landscape Lighting Wire Connectors

Wire connection points are one of the most vulnerable parts of a landscape lighting system. VOLT offers a wide selection of high quality connectors for the purpose. 

Lighting professionals tend to have their favorite connectors that they use and trust. For those with less experience, we suggest the following types.

Hub Connectors: These include our "Zone Control" Junction Box, a hub-type connector used to connect several fixtures in a region to a single connection point. This junction box uses silicone-filled wire nuts to connect the wires. A newer version of this is the VOLT® Pro Junction Hub. This innovative product uses clamp-type connectors so wires can be added or removed during and after installation. The third hub connector is the VOLT® Pro Micro-Junction Direct Burial Connector - a revolutionary hub connector that features micro-clamps and a silicone reservoir - especially useful for situations where the hub must be buried.

Wire Nut Connectors: There are a number of wire nuts filled with silicone that provide a perfectly acceptable direct burial connection. They come in different sizes based on how many (and type of) wires to be connected. The best ones are the DryConn Black & Blue and the DryConn Black & Grey.

Crimp and Barrel Styles: Many pros prefer connectors that use small thin tubes that house the wires and are then crimped and/or secured with set screws. Some of these also employ heat shrink tubing that encloses the junction rendering it waterproof. Visit our Wire Connectors & Hubs page to view VOLT's large selection of the connector types.

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