The Family Holiday Space: A Backyard Landscape Lighting Project

May 20, 2020 September 21st, 2020 No Comments

There are two ways to make landscape lighting beautiful. First, reveal beauty already present in the landscape. Second, create new beauty through the use of light and shadow.

You may love all the glitzy decorations that arise around every holiday, but to truly capture the holiday spirit and share it with your family, consider making a very personal and sacred family holiday space.

Is Over-the-Top How You Want to Celebrate Holidays?

Maybe you are OK with using all this stuff for public displays. But what about creating something in your landscape that is private and captures the true meaning of holidays for your family – an intimate backyard oasis.

Creating the Family Holiday Place

Create a small space on your property that displays objects that represent your family’s traditions for each upcoming holiday. This could be a secluded spot in your backyard, or a corner of your patio, or something you assemble around a backyard fireplace. The space could also be in an outdoor structure such as a she-shed or garden house. The objects you place in this spot would be things that have personal meaning to your family and are connected to the holiday.

An Ongoing Project for all Family MembersOver-the-top example of holiday lighting

Objects can be anything that reminds your family of the love and joy they shared on past holidays. Before each holiday, ask all members to go through those boxes in the garage or basement – you’ve saved them for a reason. Pull out the objects connected to holidays. They can be artfully assembled at your Family Holiday Space. One or two weeks before a holiday, make it a family project to assemble the display. Celebrate the event with an outdoor meal at the spot.

Objects from Past Traditions

Include things that remind family members of their ancestry. For example, on Halloween, a family with Irish ancestry might choose a Celtic cross because that is one of the symbols used to celebrate Halloween in Ireland.

Simple Construction

No need to get fancy. You can create a shelf from flagstones or scrap wood. Surround it with potted plants. If the items need protection, consider a small awning or trellis from your local nursery. Photos and other sensitive items can be sealed in plastic. Be sure to include comfortable outdoor seating around this spot. It will be a place where the family gathers to sip hot chocolate and share memories.

The Lighting Plan

Once the space is chosen, create a permanent or temporary lighting plan that illuminates the objects, the seating area, and the path to the spot.

Lighting Goals

  • Path Lighting. If a path leads to the place, provide low-level no-glare lighting along the path. A variety of VOLT® path lights can be used. Select the color and style that looks most natural in the setting. Position the lights every 8 to 10 ft. along the path, alternating placement on one side then the other.
  • Seating Area. This lighting should be very “low key” for visual comfort. The best approach is to situate a VOLT® downlight in an overhanging tree or the side of the house to simulate moonlight. Use the lowest wattage bulb for the best effect. If there is no overhead location, use a few path or area lights to surround the region.
  • Holiday Object Scene. As with the seating area, to light the objects, use one or two overhead lights. They should be a little brighter than the seating area. An alternative method would be to use a directional area fixture such as the Top Dog MINI Innovator. This light would be positioned on one or both sides of the display – aimed so they don’t shine into the viewers’ eyes.
  • Permanent or Temporary. You may love your holiday area enough to want the lighting to be on every night. If, however, you want lights on only during holidays, you have two choices. To turn all of them off, simply unplug the transformer. To turn off some (but not all) lights, use the VOLT® Pro Junction Hub as the connection point near your Family Holiday Space. This Hub has a simple clamp-type system so lighting fixture wires can be plugged or unplugged at any time. Use a twist-type connector and electrical tape to seal the wires ends when not connected.

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