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How to Use Decorative Bollards to Create Beauty with Light & Shadow

May 5, 2020 April 28th, 2022 No Comments
By VOLT ® Lighting - May 5, 2020

There are two ways to make landscape lighting beautiful. First, reveal beauty already present in the landscape. Second, create new beauty through the use of light and shadow.

This second way is at the heart of the artistry of the lighting designer. But, even if you’re not a lighting designer, there is one simple way to create beauty through light and shadow. Which is to utilize VOLT® Decorative Bollards.

What is a Decorative Bollard?

decorative bollard is an illuminated tower. This tower is constructed of intricately cut panels put together in such a way that allows an internal light source to project through. The results are patterns of light and shadow cast upon surrounding surfaces.

The patterns are not only projected on the ground, they are also projected in an upward direction, casting light on nearby walls and ceilings. This is possible due to the positioning of the two LED light sources inside the fixture – one mounted on the bottom base, the other hidden under the top cap.

There are two types of patterns projected. The Leaf Tower series features leaf and vine patterns that create organic nature-inspired themes. The other series, the Scroll Tower, has a music-inspired pattern with musical scrolls and scales. Both patterns are attractive and compelling.

Other attributes of these towers are their size and color. There are two heights, 26” and 42”, and two finishes black and bronze. The taller towers project a wider region of illumination and make a bolder statement in the landscape.

Where Would I Install a Decorative Bollard?

Since decorative bollards are attractive fixtures, they add to both the daytime and nighttime beauty of the landscape. They can be positioned in gardens – as pinnacles that rise out of the vegetation. Or, they can be set at the corners of landscape features such as decks and patios. This use helps define and decorate the edges and shapes of these features.

Also keep in mind that the bollards project their patterns downward and upward. Look for locations near walls and overhangs to take advantage of the upward-facing patterns.

VOLT® Decorative Bollards are most commonly installed in turf or garden areas. In these locations, the fixtures are mounted using the included Hammer® stakes. But the bollards can also be mounted on wood or hardscape surfaces by using screws (purchased separately) to attach the bases to the surface

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