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How to Make Low Voltage Wire Connections

April 29, 2022 May 20th, 2022 No Comments

One of the most critical components of an outdoor lighting system is having secure, waterproof wire connections. We will demonstrate how to make a low-voltage wire connection for direct burial applications using waterproof wire nuts.

Direct burial connectors are the most commonly used connectors in outdoor lighting applications. Wire nuts, in particular, are filled with silicone gel to seal the connection and protect against ground moisture. 

Cable connection points are often the point of failure of outdoor lighting systems, so it is critical to ensure the connection is secure the first time. In a landscape lighting system, the cable will have two conductors per wire, which connects the fixtures to the low voltage transformer and provides the power.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Turn Off the Power

Start by turning off the outdoor lighting transformer. Make sure that the timer and breaker are in the off position. Additionally, you can unplug the power to the transformer.

Pulling Apart Cable Wires

Step 2: Pull Apart Cable Wires

Take the cable lead wire and pull it apart about six inches. Since low-voltage outdoor lighting only has two conductors, you do not have to worry about polarity.

Stripping the Cable

Step 3: Strip the Wire

Use the wire strippers and expose about ½ inch of the wire.

Twisting the Cable

Step 4: Twist the Ends of Each Wire

Take the exposed copper ends and twist them (clockwise) tightly together. Then take one of the mainlines from the transformer and securely fasten it with a lead fixture wire.

Insert Wires into Nut

Step 5: Insert the Wires into the Connectors

Insert the wire connections firmly into the DryConn® waterproof connectors and twist them clockwise. Continue to twist them in the same direction until the wires cross each other from the force. 

It is crucial to rotate them in the same direction to avoid creating loose connections. 

It is normal for some of the silicone to come out. Simply wipe it off with a cloth.

Turning On the Transformer

Step 6: Test the Connection

Test the connection by turning the power back on to the outdoor lighting transformer and checking if the fixture turns on.

Bury the Cables with Spade

Step 7: Bury the Cables

Once the connectors are successfully installed, then bury the cables.

Congratulations – you have made a low voltage wire connection! If you have any questions about how to make a wire connections or any VOLT® products, please give us a call at (813) 978-3700.

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