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  • Staying Involved in a Project That Requires a Contractor

    Whether it involves a complex design or line-voltage lights, both will require the help of a licensed electrician. Although a licensed electrician may be needed for a project, most homeowners today would still prefer to have a say in the design and installation process.

  • Using Light and Shadows to Create Ambiance

    Decorative area lights are eye-catching luminaires; beautiful during the daytime and at night. When lit, the towers project compelling patterns of light and shadows to help set the mood and provide ambiance.

  • Home Lighting: Increasing Beauty & Utility with Outdoor Spotlights

    Proper lighting plays a vital role in the comfort and livability of any living space. A calculated lighting design can set the mood, add ambiance, and improve spaciousness. However, when designing lighting, most people tended to focus on the interior of their home, with exterior lighting coming as an afterthought.

  • DIY Grab & Go Landscape Lighting Kits

    Through the convenience of low-voltage landscape lighting kits, homeowners can become lighting designers in their own right.

  • The DIY Guide To Deck Lighting

    Whether it be for your family lifestyle or for outdoor activities, landscape lighting helps extend the living spaces of your property during the nighttime. The use of sleek, professional quality fixtures can stealthily enhance the look and feel of your home and property.