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6 Backyard Landscape Lighting Ideas for Open Spaces

July 8, 2022 October 6th, 2022 No Comments

You’re about to dive into your outdoor lighting project, and it includes an open landscape. The yard is complete with purposefully planted trees, shrubs, and flowers. Maybe they are complemented by ornamental accents, retaining walls, a pathway, and perhaps even a bench for a quiet retreat in the garden. It’s a canvas covered in thoughtful landscape architecture – the only thing missing from this open and tranquil space is lighting.

It may seem overwhelming to design the perfect outdoor lighting plan for an open landscape. But by including some tried-and-true features into your landscape lighting plan, you can achieve a serene environment that extends the life of your outdoor space after the sun sets. With the right fixtures and design techniques, you can use lighting to create an nighttime oasis in an open landscape.

6 Trends in Outdoor Lighting for Open Landscapes

Are you ready to take your open landscape to the next level? Check out these six trends in backyard landscape lighting.

1. Path Lights

path lightsWhen it comes to open backyard landscaping, there’s a good chance the property will include a walking path, and where there’s a path, light is needed. Use path lights to light up walking paths that run through the landscape to allow for maximum use of the environment, day or night. Path lights provide a safety measure, but there is so much more to these aesthetic essentials. Classic path lights can be used in just about any application since they complement all architectural styles. But selections don’t end there. VOLT® offers a path lights in a variety of designs, including decorative, estate-size, and bollard lights.

There are some simple guidelines to follow when selecting the right path lights. For more, check out our video on how to pick the right path fixture for your open landscape project.

2. Spotlights and Flood Lights

spotlights and flood lightsThere are some features in landscape architecture that simply command attention and deserve to be seen. If your project includes a particular component you’d like to highlight, such as a water feature, fire pit, tree, or ornament, a spotlight would work wonders for illuminating that particular focal point. Learn about spotlights, then check out our selection of lamp-ready and integrated LED spotlights.

If your open landscape has large trees, bushes, or other foliage, skip the spotlight and factor in a flood light for larger landscape applications, large trees, bushes, and more. Used to create more security, flood lights also are used for landscape lighting techniques like wall washing and grazing. With the ability to mount flood lights at a height greater than 20 feet, they are perfect for illuminating decks, patios, or lawns. Check out our guide on how to select the right flood light for your project.

3. Downlights

downlightsWant to achieve moonlighting? Look no further than the beloved downlight to achieve this sophisticated technique for your open landscape. For a natural light feel with low-level illumination in a gazebo, pergola, or trellis, try installing downlights to create this effect. Some options from the VOLT line of outdoor downlights include the VOLT® All-Star Tommy Light, which is perfect for a downlight when protected by an overhang.

Another popular choice is the VOLT® linear LED hardscape lights, which can be hidden under gazebo eaves or railings. Another great choice is the VOLT® Buddy Pro, a tiny fixture that can also be hidden from view and provide widespread downlighting. Of course, there are many options. Be sure to review our guide on outdoor downlights.

4. In-Ground Well Lights

well lightsIdeal for illuminating trees, columns, and walls, in-ground well lights more than do the job. In-ground well lights from VOLT® are available in lamp-ready and integrated LED styles and have puddle-resistant and weather-resistant features; some are fully-submersible, making them waterproof and excellent for areas prone to flooding.

Check out the VOLT® line of Salty Dog in-grade lights, the first of their kind that can be fully submerged without risk of damaging the fixture. Incorporate them wherever an above-ground fixture is not desired in the open landscape project.

5. Decorative Bollards

bollard lightsIf you’re looking to create added beauty to your landscape by use of light and shadows, a decorative bollard is an excellent choice.

Made of intricately cut panels, these stylish and sophisticated lights project gorgeous patterns of light and shadow onto the surrounding ground at night, transforming an already beautiful landscape into something even more spectacular. Discover how you can play with light and shadow to deliver a unique look to an open landscape.

6. Mini Fixtures

mini landscape lighting fixtures If you’re open landscape project includes a small garden bed or potted plants, your favorite new feature may just be the mini fixture. Mini fixtures are an excellent choice for casting light in a small space, such as a plant fixture. Options like the VOLT® All-Star™ Mini Brass Spotlight or VOLT® Spark™ Mini Brass Spotlight the  are perfect for this niche application thanks to their controlled light source.

These mini spotlights are extremely compact and because of the removable and adjustable glare guard, you can precisely control the light so it does not project into the viewers’ eyes. When you need something more discreet, a mini fixture gives off just the right amount of illumination.

More About Outdoor Lighting for Open Landscapes

Open landscapes are an opportunity to create a truly beautiful lighting design. By adding some, or all, of these essential features, you will bring the space to life at night. Before getting started, be sure to ask yourself what the goal of each area of the open landscape is and determine when, where and how to include these features in your landscape lighting plan.

Once you have your goals, research the best lighting products and features to meet your objective. If you’d like to get more tips, get inspired by the articles below. Make sure to subscribe to the VOLT® YouTube Channel for more videos.

Do you prefer to discuss your project with an expert? Call a VOLT® Lighting Specialist today, and let us answer any questions you may have.

Check out our VOLT® Learning Center to find how-to videos and articles!

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