Video | VOLT® All-Star™ Low Voltage Spotlight

Summary: The VOLT® All-Star Spotlight combines the best features of our most popular spotlights into one premium fixture. Its compact and efficient body has fins that draw heat away from the replaceable MR16 LED lamp. It also has an easy-to-adjust, secure knuckle and a 360-degree adjustable glare guard. Perfect for uplighting trees, buildings, structures, flags and more.

Video Transcript

The VOLT All-Star is a new generation of luminaire combining the best features of our most popular LED spotlights into one premium fixture.

The All-Star is made of solid cast brass, has a watertight design, and stays cool to maximize the life of its replaceable MR16 LED lamps.

The upgraded knuckle and fully adjustable glare guard allow you to precisely aim and control the illumination.

The puddle resistant clear lens provides a pure projection of light.

With premium features, durability, and lifetime warranty the All-Star provides unmatched value and sure to become your go-to spotlight for landscape lighting project.