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Intermatic Digital Timer Setup

June 1, 2020 April 28th, 2022 No Comments


The Intermatic Digital Timer does the jobs of both the photo cell sensor and mechanical timers. This timer adjusts sunrise and sunset times automatically, based on your landscape lighting system’s geographic location. Works with all VOLT® transformers from 300 watts and above.

Video Transcript:

Today I’m going to show you how to setup and program the Intermatic DT620 Astronomic Digital Timer. This is a great timer for those wanting a set-it-and-forget-it type of control device. Once set, this controller will automatically adjust the on and off times by approximately one and a half to two minutes every day. This is based on the sunrise and sunset tables in your region. You can refer to the enclosed instructions should you have questions about set up and operation beyond this tutorial.

With the controller unboxed, we can see that the timer has a four-button input control face with a rotating command dial. To begin programming this controller, you must turn it around to the back side. To begin set up on this controller, we need to pull out the paper battery strip sticking out the back of the controller. Once this is removed, it will enable battery power so we can begin to set up the device.

With the digital screen flashing, the first thing we want to do is to set up the date and time. Using the bottom rotating command dial, we need to rotate it until the correct hour is displayed and then hit the OK button. Repeat the same process again with the minute side by spinning the command until the correct time is shown and hit OK. With the current time established, it’s now time to go ahead and set up our date. With the rotating command dial, spin over to the current year and hit OK. Now your month will begin to flash. Spin the command dial to the correct month and we’re going to hit OK again. This will set the month. Now your date will begin to flash. Spin your command dial all the way until you have the correct day and once that is place, go ahead and hit the OK button again. We’ll hit the OK button every time we make an input function on a time or date.

With our time and date set, we’ll now review the daylight savings time function of this device. You can see with the auto placed up there, we’ll hit the OK button. That brings up the first set. We’re spring forward – we’re in the third week of February – hit the OK button; that advances to the fall. November, in the first week – hit the OK button again

Now we need to set up the astronomic function of this device. This is what will allow the automatic feature of the on time and the off time based on the sunrise/sunset tables. Spin the command dial until the current state that you live in is selected and then hit OK. Use the command dial to select whether you live in the east, west or center part of the state and hit OK. Then select your time zone that you currently reside in. Once you hit OK, it will now reveal the current dawn time, which for this day is 7:52 a.m. Hit OK to accept that and then it will reveal the dusk time for the time the sun sets at 7:06 p.m. Hit the OK button once again and that’ll complete the date, time and astronomic features of this device.

You can see up here we have it in manual mode. We need to change that mode over to automatic so you’re not going out and programming the device periodically. This now completes the initial setup of this device.

We’ll now show you how to program it for the on and off times. To set this program for a dusk to dawn operation, we first must begin by hitting the program button. You’ll see a number 1 begin to flash in the window but you don’t want to set anything here. Hit the program button one more time until the skip begins to flash; now we can set our start time. Rotate the command dial back until “dusk” appears in the window and then in the upper left corner we want to see an “on” flashing. That means this will come on at dusk. I want to hit the program button one more time to accept that, and in the bottom we’ll see the days of the week. Hit the program button again to accept it. Now with “program 2” flashing, which is our off time, let’s hit the program button again a second time. That’s going to bring up our “on” time – no we don’t want this. We want to be able to spin this back to the “off” time, which is going to be dawn so we want to see “dawn” and then “off” flashing in the upper left-hand corner. To accept that, hit the program button. Once again we see all seven days flashing at the bottom of the display. We want to accept this, so hit the program button again and now we see “program 3.” We’re done programming, so now we can hit OK to finish out. This will accept all the programming.

Another programming option for the timer is to set it from dusk to a predetermined off time. continue pressing the program button until you reach the “number 2” setting. Once again, we want to hit the program button because we want the top to be flashing. This means it’s ready to accept our times. Rotate the dial until we actually see a time value in the display. Rotate the dial until an “off” is displayed up above. Now we can hit the program button one more time for days of the week. Hit program again and now we can set our hour. Let’s set this for 1 a.m. – so we’ll take our command dial and let’s turn it over to 1 a.m. Hit it one more time and let’s 30 minutes so we’ll set the shut-off time for 1:30 in the morning. So from dusk till 1:30 – we’ll hit program one more time and then we’ll see program 3. Now we can hit OK to accept all the programming. And that’s it. Setting a dusk to a predetermined off time is just that simple.

This is a great little timer and I hope you’ll find it useful. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at (813) 978-3700.

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